Healthcare Application Performance in a Clinical Workflow Context - VA


•  Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

MBC's Rapid Sim Dashboard


 MBC’s Rapid Sim approach allowed the team to develop predictive models and simulations to forecast performance of systems still in design.

MBC Involvement

•  Prime (95% + Total Effort)

Key Tasks

•  Measure application performance at medical center sites
•  Tie application performance to clinical workflow
Discover how application performance and clinical workflows relate to clinical outcomes (e.g., patient access, patient safety)

Sites Visited

•  Austin Information Technology Center (Texas)
•  Hampton VA Medical Center (Virginia)
James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center (Illinois)
Richmond VA Medical Center (Virginia)
South Texas Veterans Health Care System (Texas)

Software/Hardware Used

•  Arena Simulation Software
•  HP Business Service Management (BSM)
HP LoadRunner
Riverbed AppMapper Xpert (AMX)
Riverbed AppResponse Xpert (ARX)
Riverbed AppTransaction Xpert (ATX)
Riverbed IT NetMapper
Riverbed IT Sentinel
Riverbed Performance Management (RPM) Dashboards
Riverbed VNE Server


•  Accurate Prediction – Within hours of instrumenting a site’s medical center, the team developed a “Rapid Sim” of the planned regionalization of the core Electronic Health Record (EHR) application. The Rapid Sim accurately predicted that regionalization would significantly increase application response time. 
•  Fact-Based Decision Support – The Rapid Sim suggested that two T1 connections to the data center ($800/month) would provide the same level of performance as one T3 connection ($4,500/month) — important information for decision-making.
Clinical Workflow Analysis – Using BSM, MBC developed synthetic LoadRunner scripts of actual clinical workflow. These scripts produced statistically significant information about the reliability and responsiveness of particular clinical workflows.
System Performance Impact Analysis – Our “Packets-to-Patients” Discrete Event Simulation (DES) solution linked infrastructure and application performance to health system outcomes.
Innovative Solution – MBC’s innovative Python script solution reduced the man-hours required to download baseline data from 40 hours per month per site to just 15 minutes per month per site (see the Gallery for more information).
Industry Recognition – The quality of MBC’s network optimization for the VA was recognized when MBC was named the recipient of the 2013 Riverbed OPNET Outstanding Return on Investment (ROI) Achievement Award.


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