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United States Agency for International Development (USAID) C Narok Kenya 05

Morgan Borszcz Consulting is currently supporting the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in achieving several of its Policy Framework 2011-2015 objectives to include food security, global health, economic growth, and crisis mitigation and conflict resolution given the framework's strategic alignment to the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR) cycle.  We are also assisting USAID in attaining its education objectives, as noted in the Agency's 2011-2015 Education Strategy, to address basic education (in both stable and conflict-ridden environments), youth and workforce development, and tertiary education concerns.  We understand the dynamic and complex nature of the developing world and utilize our core technical capabilities to apply an integrated, multi-sectoral approach in providing support to USAID.

Our USAID Team has over four decades of combined professional training in the international development field, as well as extensive worldwide field
experience.  Our team has an intrinsic understanding of the Agency's priorities, organizational structure, design and implementation schematics, and reform efforts. More specifically, Morgan Borszcz Consulting has tailored its service platform to support the USAID Forward Reform Agenda in order to provide assistance that is innovative, measureable, sustainable, integrated, partnership-oriented, and constructed to support scalability and replicability.

Morgan Borszcz Consulting provides the Agency, and its overseas Missions, with a full range of consulting services to include: programmatic and portfolio management support, facilitation and training, large-scale conference and event planning, logistics support, knowledge management and information technology expertise, monitoring and evaluation, program assessments, informational surveys, statistical analysis, marketing and communications, technical guidance, and capacity building and enhancement efforts (e.g. HICD).  Morgan Borszcz Consulting is dedicated to delivering USAID with high-quality, customized, and effective services to bolster program design and implementation, increase performance and efficacy, and reinforce internationally recognized best practices in development.




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