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Morgan Borszcz Consulting provides a roadmap for smooth Business Transformation in the areas of Business Strategy (Business Analysis and Improvement), Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, and Acquisition Management.


MBC incorporates a powerful business strategy focused on creating value by producing products and services whose value exceeds the cost of providing them; capturing value from competitors, customers, and suppliers; competing successfully against others for market share; and cooperating selectively to enlarge the potential market. Central to these decisions are the challenges of selecting how and when to compete. We work with clients to formulate strategies that take advantage of the opportunities presented in highly uncertain business    environments – while also managing the risks. We give clients tools, frameworks, and planning and decision-making processes that help them make solid strategic choices, even in turbulent markets.


At MBC, we provide Business Process Improvement (BPI) solutions that allow our clients to reach their tactical and strategic goals, resulting in tangible cost savings and operational efficiencies. In a business world where competitive advantage is necessary to survive, operational efficiency and effectiveness is a key component for such survival. Industry is an ever changing marketplace and possessing the ability to adapt to change is imperative. MBC BPI begins with ensuring that any process improvement is driven by strategic and operational priorities: process improvements should be driven by organizational objectives. We collaborate with clients to identify the process that needs improvement and BPI projects are structured with clearly defined goals. Improvement is accomplished by:

• Defining the process (how it is done now)
• Measuring process performance (establishing a base line)
• Stabilizing the process (removing variation)
• Improving the process (how it should be done)


MBC provides quality consulting services to help your organization undertake quality improvement initiatives in business and IT operations. MBC helps you align business operations with your customer expectations and deploy industry best practices, statistical methodologies, including Six Sigma and allied tools. MBC expertise has been developed to streamline processes, enhance business-conducive cultures, and develop appropriate technology for higher productivity.  MBC continuous process improvements businesses can:

• Increase productivity
• Eliminate process overheads
• Reduce operational costs
• Achieve competitive advantage



MBC Consultants are can help your company plan; implement and control your supply chain operations to cost effectively satisfy your ever changing customer requirements. Our consultants have firsthand experience with the most effective and efficient supply chains in the world. Experience includes the design and execution of government supply chain architecture (US Air Force, US Coast Guard, DoD), retail supply chain systems (WAL-MART, K-Mart, Office Depot), manufacturing supply chain operations (Caterpillar, GE Aircraft Engines, Cummings Engines) and service supply chains (NCR, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems).

MBC Consultants are prepared to solve a wide variety of Supply Chain Problems in and associated with:

• Information technology
• Inventory management
• Supply chain execution
• Distribution network configuration
• Distribution Strategic Planning
• Collaboration among supply chain partners
• Inventory visibility and increasing inventory velocity

 Whether your needs are strategic, tactical or operational, MBC is ready to help you realize your goals.


• Strategic network optimization and partnerships
• Information Technology infrastructure and how-to drive costs from your supply chain though the use of Enterprise Solutions (ERP Software) and Processes
• Make versus buy decisions
• Align Overall Organizational Strategy with supply strategy


• Sourcing contracts, production decisions
• Inventory decisions
• Transportation strategy
• Benchmarking operations and implementation of best practices throughout the enterprise


• Daily production and distribution planning
• Production scheduling for enterprise manufacturing/maintenance operations
• Demand planning and forecasting
• Sourcing planning
• Inbound operations
• Production operations
• Outbound operations
• Performance tracking


Morgan Borszcz Consulting has an experienced staff with the strategy and acquisition skills and in-depth experience to perform the RFP requirements. MBC has a pool of inter-discipline skilled personnel with an average of over 15 years of experience. In order to provide the best value to our clients, we leverage our people and past experiences with MBC’s proven framework which provides a set of robust approaches. These approaches provide clients a tested set of methods that our delivery teams can leverage to increase our value and drive your results. MBC provides a planning capability to allow clients to better align its strategic and tactical actions, business processes, and resources in support of core competencies. Additionally, MBC’s planning capability will allow for clients to determine where future investments of time, funding, and resources would provide the largest return on investment. MBC acquisition support experience crosses the spectrum, from major acquisition support to supporting smaller actions using a multitude of sources to include General Service Administration and organic contracting organizations. MBC has extensive experience in the develop of acquisition artifacts to include Alternative System Review (ASR), Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD), Program Office Estimate (POE), and the Component Cost Analysis (CCA) in pursuit of the Milestone approvals. A key discriminator in our approach to supporting acquisitions is our ability to tie acquisition decisions and actions (from the macro to micro) to the strategic goals of the organization.

MBC is also able to provide additional information (via extensive benchmarking) that may improve the acquisition processes. MBC approach to acquisitions is that they must support the strategic goals of an organization even if executing a very tactical level or short term task. MBC insists on a proactive approach to supporting acquisitions by engaging stakeholders, developing and vetting documents with those stakeholders, a tight configuration management approach, and robust communication of acquisition status.

Our acquisition support approach allows for the seamless transition of contract management actions. MBC’s contract management approach is rooted in our experience as a DoD contractor and our understanding of contract management best practices. Coupled with the aforementioned acquisition management approach, our deep experience and systematic/repeatable approach allows for proactive, intuitive contract management methods that will minimize risk to our clients. Ultimately, MBC proposes to be our client’s trusted agent by supporting the clients operations to include running outreach programs, leading post award conferences, and helping monitor contractor deliverables to drive successful contract performance. MBC will use our intrinsic knowledge of acquisitions and corresponding delivery to identify and communicate potential contract issues before they can impact client operations. The development, management, and archiving of acquisition and contract delivery documents is a cornerstone of our approach to developing and helping deliver a successful acquisition from identification of need to contract close out. It also allows our clients to develop reusable content and hence repeatable processes. This repeatability will ultimately result in successful acquisitions that support the strategic goals of client’s while mitigating risk to their acquisition management.


Strategic Planning



Product Lifecycle Management



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